Global Digital Women | Tijen Onaran
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Global Digital Women

Global Digital Women GDW

Bringing people together has always been my great passion. It is not just about exchange, but about mutual empowerment and growing together. It all started as early as 2015: the initiative Women in E-Commerce organized the first after-work events. However, the digitalization is a much broader phenomenon that affects all people. This is how the initiative Women in Digital (WIDI) came about. Together with many inspiring women we have built the largest network for women in the area of digitalization.

Now, in 2018 a new milestone is coming. By having after-work events in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, we will be even more present in Germany and inspire even more people. But 2018 will also be the year of globalization. Inspired by my trip through the United States of America and the exchange with so many great women from all around the world, I decided to found the network Global Digital Women. We want to promote international exchange and grow beyond borders. It is going to be a fascinating journey on which I hope you will join me.